Causes and Effects of Hunting Regulations

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Cause and Effects of Hunting Regulations Hunting is a sport involving people throughout the United States whether it is done for a source of food or just for fun. Each year people across the U.S. spend over ten billion dollars on hunting activities and equipment. In order to protect species of wildlife, each states’ department of natural resources is required to develop numerous hunting regulations. Hunting regulations are basically laws set forth specifically for the hunting population. While these regulations are specified to correctively manage populations, they usually produce unintended effects of hunter safety (Conlin, Dikert-Conlin & Pepper, 2009). In 2009 Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources called for changes in hunting…show more content…
The change to allowing the harvesting of both bucks and does was a measure taken in order to decrease the population of does. While the Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources also intended to increase the average age of bucks. The advantage of setting these hunting regulations will allow for better genetics to be passed throughout the whitetail population (Conlin, Dikert-Conlin & Pepper, 2009). Developing hunting regulations also allows for the growth of job outlook in the field of wildlife management. In order to enforce all the regulations set on hunting, officers are needed to watch out over the hunters. Throughout Pennsylvania there is approximately 200 full-time wildlife officers and close to 700 deputy officers. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has also set up a phone line for hunters to report any accidents or harvesting of illegal deer (Conlin, Dikert-Conlin & Pepper, 2009). Developing better management skills allows for people to build and operate hunting lodges throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Any hunter that harvests an illegal deer is obligated to deliver it to the Game Commission’s office with a written explanation of the accident. Where the carcass and statement will be examined to determine if it was really an accident or not. One game officer will examine every reported accident and decide what type of fine should be given or any other consequences. In 2003 if the penalty was nominal the fine was only $25 and $500 if it was a

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