Causes and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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The Truth about Teenage Pregnancy Outline I. Introduction II. Body A. Causes 1. Lack of sexual education 2. Lack of communication between the parents and teens a. Weak relationship b. Too strong of a relationship 3. Drugs 4. Trends a. Social b. Media 5. Abuse B. Effects 1. Unwanted/ unplanned pregnancy 2. Abortion 3. Neglect/ Child abuse 4. Complications a. Maternal deaths b. Birth defects 5. Incomplete education a. Unemployment b. Poverty 6. Social embarrassment 7. Never-ending cycle C. Prevention 1. Self-control a. Abstinence b. Safe sex i. Birth control ii. Using condoms 2. Parents talking to children…show more content…
There is a lack of communication between parents and their teenagers. Either their relationship are too weak or too strong between teens and their parents (Speedy Remedies) . Weak relationships involve lack of discipline, control, affection, and attention. Too strong relationships involve overbearing parents and too many restrictions. Drinking and drugs contributes to pregnancy because they contort better judgment. The media is the main contributor now that technology is advancing. Young people often look to the media in order to see what the so-called trend is or they look for how they should look, act, or be. Occasionally, abuse is the result of teenage pregnancy. The results of this trend are everlasting, dramatic, and sometimes traumatic. The relationship between a parent and there is important. If the relationship is too weak or too overbearing the child can either not feel loved or obedient, which ultimately result in the child seeking for love in all of the wrong places. The media offers little sex education and is offering more vulgar images of how a young girl is supposed dress and carry them; therefore, teens act older than they usually would. Teen pregnancy is usually unwanted so this increases the number of abortions, neglect, and child abuse. It increases complications for the mother as well as the baby. Complications may involve maternal death, birth defects, or the death of the baby. It also makes it hard for students to complete
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