Causes and Effects of Unemployment in Fiji

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Tackling Youth Unemployment
The Challenge

Among the world's unemployed, young people have been particularly hard hit. Youth unemployment rates are significantly higher than adult unemployment rates in both developed and developing countries. Global protest movements of young people are a manifestation of their lack of job prospects.

On the one hand, higher youth unemployment can simply result from frequent job changes and short intermediate unemployment spells. It may be natural for young people to switch jobs more frequently before a good match with an employer is achieved.

On the other hand, high youth unemployment can result from deeply rooted problems, such as a lack of relevant education and training, rigid labor markets and
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UK and Welsh Government Initiatives
In the United Kingdom, youth unemployment is currently around 20% and the Welsh and UK governments have started to work together on a joint initiative aimed at getting more young people into work. Welsh Secretary, David Jones and First Minister, Carwyn Jones recently attended a Jobs Summit in Newport, Gwent where employers and organisations such as Jobcentre Plus were invited along to discuss different ways of offering more work experience, internships and apprenticeships for young people.
One of the problems that was highlighted was not so much the lack of help out there for getting graduates and young people into work but the fact that there were so many separate initiatives amongst the different government bodies, young people are no longer sure what help is available to them. The Jobs Summit discussed ways of getting more coordination and communication so that different governmental departments, employers from local businesses and young people are aware of what resources are available to them.
In a recent BBC interview, director of the Job Centre Plus network in Wales, Martin Brown, said, “Every young person deserves a chance to get that first step onto the job ladder. If you have no experience, if you have nobody to give you a reference or act as
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