Celebrities Role Models

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They may be the best of the best but they can be the worst for kids. Celebrities are all around us. It is hard for us to get away from them unless we were locked in an empty room. As soon as we turn on the T.V. we see a celebrity. When we walk in a shop, we see pictures of celebrities on the wall and even on some food items. There are many celebrities known for doing good acts like donating or helping charities. But, there are some celebrities doing bad acts such as doing drugs. There are also celebrities changing themselves not with the intent to change others. At the end, celebrities can be considered positive and negative role models. The difference is that the celebrities who do bad acts will be focused on more than the celebrities who…show more content…
Since celebrities are role models for kids, when they are seen doing bad things may leave a child with a bitter feeling toward them. When kids see celebrities getting in trouble, they may feel that they don’t want anyone as a role model. Celebrities can harm kids without even knowing it. Celebrities have many things that most normal people don’t have. One of those ways is how a lot of celebrities are rich. In the article, “Should Parents Allow Celebrities to be Their Children’s Role Models?” by Christina Hamlett, she says, “In addition, children and adolescents who realize they will never be as attractive, thin, rich, or accomplished as the celebrities they vicariously admire might decide to give up completely instead of embracing their own uniqueness and talents.” Some kids might really want to be like their favorite celebrity. That is not always the easiest thing. That might make a kid depressed because they can’t be like their role model. Another thing celebrities top us on is that some celebrities are known to be beautiful. Since they are famous they will be focused on for being beautiful. According to Dorothy Briggs, the author of “Your Child’s
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