Celia, A Slave And The Slave

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Celia, a Slave We have been reading a novel called Celia, A Slave. Celia, A Slave was written by a man named Melton A. McLaurin. The book was published in 1991 by the University of Georgia Press. This book that I have consists of one hundred and fourth three pages. In the novel Celia, A Slave, Melton A. McLaurin composes, in great detail, the tragic and true story of a slave named Celia who killed her master and then disposed of him by burning his body in her cabin on June 23, 1855. This was said to be the same day that she had confronted the mater to stop having sexual relations with her. Celia was a female slave who was bought by a white slave owner in Calloway County, Missouri by the name of Robert Newsom. Newsom bought Celia to be his concubine and replace his wife who had died. Celia was raped on the side of the road by Newsom the day she was bought. After about five years, Celia fell in a dilemma that caused her, her life. This ultimatum was put onto her by her “boyfriend” George. He told her to confront the master to stop raping her or else she would lose him. So that’s exactly what she did and ended up killing Newsom and burning his body so there’s no evidence left behind. She was eventually caught by a man named William Powell, Robert Newsom’s neighbor. Celia found herself to be on trial and was ruled, by Judge Hall, to be guilty and executed. After carefully reading and understanding the book, Celia A Slave, a number of things emerged from it. Things like can

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