Cell Life Cycle Controlled By Genes Essay

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The cell has perfectly coordinated life cycle controlled by genes within its nucleus.
All cells are reproduced from preexistent cells by the process of cell division as replacement of dead or injured and as purpose of adding new cells.
Cell behavior is simply the cell lifestyle during life cycle
Cell division : is begins with nuclear duplication (mitosis) fallowed by cytoplasmic division (cytokinesis) and there
Roughly there is two types of cells with two types of division:
-somatic (by means body) which undergo mitosis or somatic division
-Germ cells (oocyst /sperm) meiosis or sexual gametes division
It’s the somatic cells division with main 3 stages:
 Interphase.
 Mitotic
 Cytokinesis
It’s the metabolic activity phase and the cell just prepares itself to new division. And consist of 2 gaps (G1,G2) and DNA synthesis phase (S phase) (1)
The cell is metabolically active and most of its activity is done on this phase and after checking the nutrients availability and there is enough growth factors the cell start to duplicate most of its organelles and other cytosol component but not the DNA .
G1 is approximately 8-10 hours if the has 24 hours life cycle and if the cell remain in g1 for too long it called G0.
G0: it 's a quiescent resting period where the cell exist from the cycle and not even preparing to divide nor dividing.
Some cells are permanent and never divide as the nerve cells and the skeletal muscles cells. And some other
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