Cell Phone Should Be Allowed In School Essay

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School Should Have the Right to Ban Cell Phone Use in the School Even though the issue whether schools shall ban usage of cell phone in school is controversial, there are abundant proof to demonstrate that schools shall ban the adoption of cell phone in classrooms. This is because that exposure to cell phones could distract students from learning and give way to cheating on exams. First and foremost, cell phone is a major cause of distraction in the in-classroom learning process. Students are supposed to be focused on learning; however, once they have their cell phone available during the learning process, they will pay close attention on their cell phones every now and then, leading to constant distraction from their original plan to study. Therefore, the availability and usage of cell phone for students is closely relevant to the learning productivity of students. Moreover, what makes such a reason to ban cell phone usage in the school so effective is that not only students, but also teachers will be put under the adverse influence of cell phones if they are constantly used in the school. For instance, if a student’s cell phone rings expectedly inside a classroom, there is a high chance that the whole class will be intervened. The teacher may be forced to emphasize the importance of self-discipline and order before going back to the right track, while other students may be distracted from their original thoughts or work as well. At least, the students will be utterly

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