Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society

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Everyday, smartphones, laptops and tablets can be seen being utilized everywhere. Rather if is it during a lecture, out at lunch, or even in the bathroom; the world is filled with technology. Technology and technological advances in communication, such as smartphones, were initially introduced in society to connect individuals together. However, because of the growing obsession of smartphones and technology, it becomes evident that technology is causing an opposite effect. The addiction of smart phones and technology has pushed individuals even farther apart. Further, in cell phones, an individual has a different life unknown to the people around him or her. In other words, individuals with cellphones are living two different lives that is unable to live simultaneously. It is because of the separation of these two lives that inhibit the individual from living his or her own authentic life. This is because the technology consistently distracts the individual from living his or her own genuine life, and ultimately distracts them from living through real experiences. In Ruhl’s play, “Dead Man’s Cell Phone,” Ruhl portrays the idea that advances in technology and communication has inhibited and distracted individuals and other around him or her, from truly living their authentic lives away from their cellphones. The play exhibits how advances in technology not only affect the individual holding the phone, but also how it can affect the people around him or her as well. This is

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