Cell Phones In Texas

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Vehicle crashes happen almost every day because of cell phones and has become an epidemic that is sweeping our nation. Whether, drivers think they are cautious drivers and can multitask; they are wrong. No one is a safe motorist because we are all guilty of something; it can be tuning the radio, eating and drinking, or even worse texting and talking on the phone. Everyone has a cellular device because it is a vital instrument that we all need for communicating. Cell phones can be user friendly, mostly and can help people out, but it can also be a deadly piece of technology. In the 84th Texas State Legislature and the Texas State Senate have had many discussions of whether to implement statewide prohibitions on cell phone use and texting; but…show more content…
Some Senators have addressed the issues of one being; drivers who still talked on their cell phones may have already been distracted motorists in the first place with or without their phones. Also with the hands-free option, they still see drivers ignoring the law, and more tickets are being issued to offenders. Although, the ban has come across many hurdles in the state government, twenty-three cities in Texas have permitted local decrees of the use of cell phones for the safety of children and…show more content…
North Houston Senator John Whitmire which represents the 15th Senatorial District mention “If Houston can get a green light and save lives than the other cities need to get on board” (United States Senate Research 84th Texas Legislature). The House of Representatives, Texas Legislators and the Senators have been fighting for this for quite some time now. The only way they could let drivers know how hazardous texting and driving can be is getting the cell phone corporations more involved when they advertise new phones. Currently, one of the major cell phone carriers, AT&T, are more mindful of this crucial situation and took on the issue very seriously. They took a step forward and launched a campaign “It Can Wait” to provide educational information, emotional documentaries, and tragic statistics to encourage every driver to not pick up their phones while driving behind the wheel.” I just want the people to realize how powerful these videos are, and no text or phone call is worth your life”
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