Cell Tolerance Test And Growth Temperature Test Essay

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I isolated Enterobacter aerogenes from plate number 5. Enterobacter aerogenes is a rod shaped Gram-negative species. Introduction
A patient has come into the hospital with signs of a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue. The doctor then takes a sample from the patient because he needs to know if there is a pathogenic species causing these signs in the patient. The doctor then gives me, the lab technician the sample he acquired from the patient. It is now my job to isolate the bacteria species and to determine if the species is pathogenic causing the patient to be sick. The first thing I am going to do is make sure all of my lab equipment is sterilized to make sure no outside bacteria are going to affect the results.
Now that all of the equipment is sterilized I am going to perform some test test to see if the bacteria could potentially infect a human host. Some test I would do are the oxygen tolerance test and growth temperature test. The oxygen tolerance test will tell me the environment the bacteria is capable of living in, whether it be the bacteria needs oxygen to grow, it can not grow in oxygen, or it does not need oxygen but it can grow with it present . To determine this you will then inoculate or introduce the bacteria to a tsa deep by stabbing it in the middle and and allowing it to grow, depending on where the growth is will tell you its oxygen tolerance (Golonka, A. M. 2009). If growth is only on the top then it is aerobic,

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