Cell Phones In Schools Essay

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In the world we live in today, cellphones could not be educational tools. Students get distracted too easy, the cellphones die too quick and it makes it easier for students to cheat. Though they can be very good resources to use, this generation seems to only be cheating more and more, and not using them for the right reasons. Cellphones are becoming a big problem in schools, and this needs to change. In the classroom cellphones cause to much of distraction. Students are to tempted to text or surf the web when they have their cellphones on, or even with them in the classroom. Students say that they are looking up an answer or doing research, but are they really? These students find any excuse to be on their phones, and it is a detraction to the other kids around them. “Students check their phones in class more than 11 times a day on average” (Reed). Schools need to come up with better way to improve on these rules so that cellphones won’t cause such a big issue in class. Another reason cellphones couldn’t be use as an education tool in the classroom is because they die to fast. If a student is on it the whole class looking up research, then has to go to the next class and use it for a calculator chances are most of the battery will be used up and it will not be useful. Most studies show that when the Iphone was used for 3 hours just doing the everyday things, its battery life went from 100% to 40%. Other studies showed that when using the Iphone for games, surfing the

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