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Application form Course: Location: Cactus ref no: 2061 Cambridge CELTA London Baron’s Court Instructions Thank you for choosing to apply for above course. Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS Please check the www.cactustefl.com website if you need any specific course/school details. information, here is the application process: 1. Complete and return this application to Cactus TEFL. 2. Cactus reviews and forwards this to the centre 's teacher training team. 3. The school contacts you to tell you if you have been accepted for interview, and arranges a time and date for interview (face-to-face or over the phone). 4. At the end of the interview you are told whether you have been accepted, and you are offered a place. 5. The school will…show more content…
There is a serious demand for this as many cities within the UK have an increasing number of non-native English speakers who find it difficult to participate and become active members of society due to this language barrier. You also have a high number of developing cities abroad (especially in the Gulf states) where there is a demand for English teachers to come and educate the local population. Coupled with my command of the Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and Punjabi languages, I believe pursuing the Cambridge CELTA is definitely the right step to take. Once having read the previous students comments regarding their experience with Cactus TEFL I realised being with a well equipped, experienced and understanding tuition provider would be crucial to me obtaining the CELTA. I then came across Jill Drowers statement “A well-rounded CELTA course needs to give trainees knowhow in applying for jobs as well as confidence in classroom techniques and lesson planning”, this showed me that with Cactus TEFL I would be putting myself in the hands of those whom know what they are doing. I look forward to not only working with great tutors and other motivated students at Cactus TEFL, but also to bringing my skills and experiences to the table so others around me may benefit also. I have worked for many years in the fields of youth work, teaching, politics, operations, finance and outdoor education so I feel as I will have a range of insights to offer my colleagues during

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