Centre Of Hexagon - Theory Of Knowledge Summer 2015 Assignment

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Centre of Hexagon - Theory of Knowledge Summer 2015 Assignment

Initial Reaction

1. a) When I approached the AGO and saw the sculpture outside, my initial reaction was curiosity and confusion. The sculpture was a large abstract piece of art that was painted black with two forms side by side. It was unique from other sculptures that I had seen before because there were no clear images that the sculpture created; just a constant surface all over the abstract forms. I was confused by what the artwork represented and what message the artist wanted to convey, as well. Along with this, my initial reaction of confusion led me to question why this sculpture was chosen to be the first attraction for visitors before entering the AGO?

b) I
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From only viewing the sculpture at a distance, my initial reactions were mostly questions about the art. However, after walking around it, I became more aware of the sculpture’s full presence. I did not realize how large and wide the work was until I observed it from up close. I was also able to see the curves on the sculpture and the way the two separate pieces formed around each other, as if they wanted to unite. Upon touching it, I could sense certain emotions and feelings in connotation to its touch. The sculpture was smooth all over its wavy shape, which gave off a calm and peaceful vibe. I was able to make interpretations about the work after touching and walking around it, too.

While walking around the sculpture, I reflected on the location of the work in the setting of Downtown Toronto. I realized that I initially felt confused of the work outside the AGO because of the contrast in viewing an abstract work in a structural setting. Being outside of the AGO, I felt it showcased two unconnected yet ‘connected’ pieces in an unfamiliar and out of place location. Touching the work made me concentrate on the pieces themselves. Through connecting my interpretations using my sense perception, I felt the art displayed a relationship between two pieces that ‘wanted’ to connect but were unable to because of how different they were in contrast to the ‘normal’ rectangular buildings
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