Certain Geographical Components Allow Specific Crimes And

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Certain geographical components allow specific crimes and criminals form in that area and these areas can help cultivate and breed new crimes and criminals or alleviate crime in that region. It is in fact geographical areas that can allow criminals to be successful at committing crime or can end their criminal career. Throughout the Victorian era many authors were careful to make a supportive plot for their criminal and detective characters to survive as a character in the story. Authors like the one of The String of Pearls and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created plots and specific individual class characteristics that helped the crime prosper or immobilized by a witty detective. Successful Victorian authors are able to create plots, scenes, …show more content…

The sprawling urbanization that took place led to overcrowding and horrible living conditions and the new wave of industrialism led to an increase in crimes. The police as we see in the two stories are incompetent and useless in many manners. During this era many believed criminals looked a certain way and that they were in fact biologically rather than socially raised to become a criminal. Many Londoners became sick and very poor. Parts of the city became slums where tons of people lived and tried to survive in these horrid conditions. With the expansion of the city and rise of the population people didn’t necessarily know who their neighbors were and who anyone else in the huge city were especially incoming foreigners. Victorian Authors such as the one of String of Pearls and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle exploit this use of the big unknowing city known as the Victorian era London.
An unknown author wrote The Sting of Pearls but it is presumed to be created by James Rymer and Thomas Prest. The Story was first published as a penny dreadful in 1846 which is about the main antagonist know by Sweeney Todd, the “Demon Barber on Fleet Street”. Fleet Street is located in London England, which sets the plot as an unfamiliar city where few people know one another. The penny dreadful became very popular because of its violence, mystery, and apparent gore. Sweeney Todd the barber would have clients come to

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