Chad Christian Clift Offers Tips About Tandem Skydiving

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16. Chad Christian Clift Offers Tips About Tandem Skydiving When Seattle native Chad Christian Clift is not working tirelessly in a restaurant or traveling, he likes to spend some of his free time sky diving. This extreme adventure sport has a reputation for being both loved and feared by many. For those who have already experienced the thrill of falling through the sky, there is no doubt that the experience is one of a kind. Others, however, have been intrigued by the concept, but are too afraid to give it a go. Clift explains that a first time sky diving experience does not have to be scary, especially since it will be a tandem jump. In a tandem sky dive, the person jumping is literally attached via a harness to professional. When two people tandem sky dive, the professional is the one in charge of the technicalities of the jump. All the jumper needs to do is spread their arms and enjoy the ride. He says that sky diving is not hard to do, and really anyone in good health can do it with ease. When you sky dive, the most complicated part of the trip will be the paperwork that must be filled out prior to jumping, and getting suited up and harnessed. Special suits are worn to help the professional or individual diver adjust for wind, drag, and lift. These suits are comfortable, though not very stylish. After that it is all clear skies according to Chad Christian Clift. 17. Chad Christian Clift Goes Hiking for Leisure and Exercise Hiking is a pastime that has been enjoyed by
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