Challenges And Impacts Of Robots

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Manufacturing After watching these three videos, it really opens your eyes to how big these companies and manufactures really are. I was blown away by the factory in China, that people were raised to go to the factories school, to learn how to make iron’s, expresso machine, and electric grills. Q: Are robots the answer to run a shop in the United States to keep costs down? I am on the fence with this question. I am back and forth because it would make sense to have AI’s and robots of the sorts taking jobs in the United State, mainly because they are cheaper and sometimes easier to deal with. We would be cutting costs without human error, and would be cutting costs with salary wages. There are so many factories in America that use …show more content…

Q: What is your opinion on living and working in a city essentially designed just for that? Watching the “Made in China: Factory of the World”; that really opened my eyes. I knew that Nike has/had sweatshops in Asia where they would make they’re workers work for very low wages in terrible conditions, but I never really thought about all the products that are made in china were made like this. To me, I sort of see it as slavery almost. That would be a horrible life to grow up and know what you must do with your life, to get by. It would be a rough life, to do one job for the rest of your life, just so repetitive. I like new things, new routes, new people, because it keeps me in tune with the things going on around me. Q: Is Walmart a good business model? Where will they be in 5 years I think Walmart has a very bad code of ethics, and they all about the money. They need to step up and join UNI, to have better and more safe manufacturing building with safer warehouses. They should put their employees at such a risk, and they should set a higher pay for all their employees. They make enough money to fix these problems, so, why don’t they? I think if Walmart keep acting so selfish, people around the world will start to notice and act anyway they can and will eventually really start to ruin the Walmart reputation and they will go downhill. Q: What will unionizing Walmart do to the pricing of the shirt? I think

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