Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Nursing Care in the Geriatric Population

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Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Geriatric Nursing Care Angelia F. Russell University of Massachusetts Boston Author Note This paper was prepared for Nursing 360, Section 06D, taught by Professor Peterson. Abstract The geriatric patient population is not only increasing in numbers and longevity, but also in the complexity of their health care issues and needs. On the raise as well are the barriers and prejudices with caring for the aging population amongst healthcare providers. It is these barriers and prejudices that hinder healthcare providers to want to take the initiative to improve care for the aging. Preservation of our elder patient population’s dignity should be of the upmost importance. In order to…show more content…
Bennett and Flaherty-Robb (2003) stated, “the average annual drug expenditure for diabetes is $1379, for heart disease, $1187, and for hypertension, $1021.” In the ER, we see a lot of noncompliance with medications. The medications are either not picked up at the pharmacy or the medication is not taken correctly (i.e., halved, skipped doses). Medications not properly taken as ordered by the doctor can lead to a multitude of potential complications. Drug programs such as those at Wal-Mart and Target have $4 prescription. As nurses, we go through both lists to make sure that the medication the doctor orders is on the list if we think the noncompliance is secondary to financial. If the medication prescribed is not on the list, we approach the doctor to ask for a substitute or another medication to be prescribed for the patient. Also an issue is the ability to get to the doctor’s office or the hospital. Most of the time the patient doesn’t want to feel as if they are a burden to their family members and won’t ask family members for a ride to the doctor’s office or the hospital. Lastly, another potential complication related to financial is hypothermia. Having to choose between heating the home, food, and medication is difficult. Complicating the issue are the chronic conditions that put the elder at increased risk for hypothermia. Making healthcare more affordable for those that have supported us as we grew should
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