Challenging Or Banning Books

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Many schools, libraries, and bookstores are always challenging or banning books that they say are inappropriate to some children or that they have no meaning. It’s not only them parents also have a big influence of whether some specific books should be challenged or banned as well. Many people have their own reasons for why they do not like some of the author's books mostly because it messes with religion, race, and the people's morals. Not everyone has to agree with the authors but is it really worth the trouble to ban or challenge the books?
The difference between challenging and banning books is the challenging a book is based upon the objections of a person or group to remove it and banning is simply just the removal of the book from libraries,
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The Populists of South Dakota were also proponents of women's rights as the editor of the Saturday Pioneer, Baum written political tracts that his mother-in-law and the women's suffrage in South Dakota. At the end nationally, all the women in the United States were granted the right to vote when the 19th amendment was passed. The Wonderful Wizard of OZ is known to be the earliest truly feminist children's American book, all because of a spunky girl named Dorothy. Baum created Dorothy as a girl that can solve her own problems rather than waiting for a heroine prince or commoner to put things right. Not only she protects herself from the wicked witch but she also helps out her male character friends with their problems. Traditionally in fairy tale stories they portray young heroines as passive characters who allow men to solve all their problems and save them from danger. In Baum’s case that’s not how his stories are Katherine Rogers praised Dorothy in “Liberation for little girls for being a brave resourceful girl who rescues three male characters and destroys two witches his books are full of girls who are enterprising, ingenious, or imposingly self-reliant.”
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