Challenging Situations Abound In Leadership Roles, And

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Challenging situations abound in leadership roles, and these situations can create emotionally demanding or stressful responses that have an effect on leaders and members alike (Siebert-Adzic, Soares, & Jacobs, 2012). Leaders that can leverage their strengths, attributes, or other characteristics may increase their chances of exceling when these events do occur (Arnold, Connelly, Walsh, Martin Ginis, & Ginis, 2015). One area of interest for coping with tense emotional situations is emotional intelligence, specifically the area concerning emotional regulation. When challenging or uncertain conditions are experienced by leaders, the ability to regulate and adjust emotional responses may allow them to be perceived as more effective in their …show more content…

Therefore, understanding if regulating emotions can help leaders in stressful situations may provide additional tools for leaders in ever increasing stress related situations.
I. Introduction (2-3 pages)
a. Problem Statement. Challenging situations for leaders may call for a better understanding of the part emotions play in managing stressful situations. This can assist in understanding the effect that emotional regulation can have on perceived leadership ability when in stressful situations.
b. Research Objectives. The purpose of this study is to understand the effect of emotional regulation on perceived leadership ability in group related stressful situations.
c. Hypothesis. The research hypothesis is that training in emotional regulation strategies will have an effect on the perceived effectiveness of leaders by group members in stressful situations.
d. Summary, including a restatement of the problem

II. Literature Review (7-9 pages)
a. Importance of the question being asked. Leaders invariably find themselves in stressful or challenging situations due to the nature of their role. Finding ways to mitigate or eliminate extreme emotional responses in these situations could aid leaders in their ability to lead effectively.
b. Current status of topic. Based on a cursory look into the literature, there is a fair amount of information on the subject of emotions and leadership. Most articles seem to be fairly recent, with the majority

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