Changes During Aging

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Psychological changes during old age are interrelated factors occur that have a significant impact on psychological changes during aging. Anatomical and functional modifications in the nervous system and sense organs, modifications in cognitive functions and modifications in affectivity: losses, motivations, personality. Psychological changes may be subject to subjective perceptions of both the person who manifests them and the person who can evaluate them. There are people who live with serious concern the decline of some functions and others who do not value it properly. In general with aging there is a decline and a slowing of cognitive abilities, although there is enormous variability and depends on numerous factors (educational level,…show more content…
Long-term memory is preserved. It is the recent memory that begins to show deficits, with difficulty remembers very recent facts. This little everyday forgetfulness is often the most characteristic sign of memory loss.
Tell me about your emotional affectivity. Old age is marked by losses (family, work, social, physical, etc.). The affectivity depends on the personality of the individual himself and his ability to cope with changes and losses. In my personal case my family is very persistent when satisfy all my needs, it is really important to know that I can count on them for everything.
How do you cope with the changes in family structure, due to the social changes that occur during the aging process?
The losses and changes of role suppose for the person to adapt to the new situations. The children leave the home; the grandchildren arrive who in many cases happen to be taken care of by the grandparents, can die one of the spouses giving rise to widow, etc. Sometimes the most important thing in the elderly person is their loss of power or value within the family becoming relegated by other members as the children. This can be reflected in two situations: when the major is autonomous and independent and the children can advise and when the elderly is sick and may see their independence or autonomy diminished, depending on other members of their family for their own
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