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Unit 4222-237 SADIE LEWIS Outcome 1 1.1 Dementia is the progressive decline in the cognitive function, involving all aspects of perception, thinking, reasoning and remembering. This is largely to do with damage or disease. This is progressive and leads to the deterioration of the mind, affecting an individual’s ability to concentrate on daily tasks. The memory is often affected, causing them to forget people, dates and events that are recent to them, behaviour can be erratic and noticeably different than is usual for them, and the ability to control feelings is also affected. As the disease progresses as do the signs and symptoms. 1.2 The progressive decline in cognitive function affects the following key functions…show more content…
Age related memory impairment: Age related memory loss, is an inevitable part of getting older, the brain slows down as does the processing of information mild cognitive impairment. Signs that an individual has age related impairment are forgetfulness, losing things, names of people they know, roads they know, easily distracted, slower at accessing information as quick as they used to. This is all normal and to be expected as we get older, and is not considered serious as long as the individual, is able to live independently, common sense, achieve tasks as they have always done and are able to hold a conversation, occassionaly forgetting the odd word, be able to recall information forgotten earlier. Severe memory loss is cause for concern and could be a sign Dementia, signs that differ from aged related are that dementia affects an individual’s ability to function, it disables them, disrupting their work, social activities, and family relationships. Individuals with dementia will have difficulty performing their usual day to day tasks like paying bills, washing up, changing clothes, forgetting how to do things they have done many times before. They often don’t remember times when they have had memory loss even when it is recalled to them. Get lost and disorientated easily even when in familiar surroundings, repetitive phrases and stories often in the same conversation. Outcome 2 2.1 The medical model of dementia is a

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