Changing A Little At A Time

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Chapter 3: Changing a Little at a Time (Make a Difference)
If you won a million dollars what would you do? This is a common question people often ask. The common response is going on vacation, buy a nice car, etc. But we often hear the response of giving to charity and making a difference in the world. I am the same way. If I had a million dollars I would want to make a difference in the world and give a lot of it to charity. The reality of me winning a million dollars is extremely slim. However, I can still accomplish my goal, to make a difference, no matter how much money I have. I have decided that in my own community I can make a difference with those in poverty, disabilities, and other issues that may arise.
Growing up I had big
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High School graduation finally rolled around. I had enough money saved up to spend 16 weeks in Costa Rica giving to their community. My first goal on my bucket list was about to get crossed off. And then I met a handsome young man that swept me off my feet. I was in a big dilemma. I could either spend four months in Costa Rica and accomplish my dream of making a difference in a foreign country, or I could get married to the man of my dreams. It was a very hard decision to make. It brought me many sleepless nights, and in the end, I knew I needed to marry this boy and use the money I had saved up for Costa Rica to help with wedding and future plans. It was devastating. But it was eye opening. From that moment on, I knew I didn’t need to go to some foreign land to make a difference, I could stay right here in my own community and make just as big of a difference. There are children here who don’t have shoes to wear or food to eat. Some don’t even have homes. Right in our own back yard we are seeing poverty.
I have done, and am doing, several things now that I feel like are making a difference. For instance, I am currently working with Cache County Extensions. A big difference that I see is making a difference in the Latino community. We teach workshops on finances and nutrition to these individuals. It is amazing to see the attitude of the people we help, especially in the financial workshop. You see some of these
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