Changing Customer Expectations And Its Effect On The Success Of The Business

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Changing customer expectations is a factor which helps the organisation about the demands of the population and the changing culture. The time to time change in culture helps the organisation to understand what exactly the population is expecting from the company and the product. It also makes them understand the factors which help them to develop the product and adding new constraints to their product and processes.

Choose a minimum of three of the following areas of Operations Management that you think are likely to most impact the success of your Chosen business and justify your selection of each. (Suggested minimum 2000 words)

I will choose the below areas where the business is most likely to affect the success of the business. The below mentioned areas are directly related to the success of the business.

 Capacity Management

Capacity Management is the management wherein the capacity of production is taken care of. It also defines the maximum use of information technology used in the business. It defines the IT capacity of the business which use utilize the current and the future business. It features various components like monitoring, modelling, optimising and analysis of the business.
Capacity management will help in getting more out of the IT information and more extraction from the business. It will help in getting maximum output with minimum energy required. It will help to connect the business with the marketing aspects. Analyses of development of marketing
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