Changing Demographics And Its Impact On The Health Care Markets

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Question 4 Changing demographics and its impact on the health care markets. A.Ageing As per statistic NZ has an aging population. In line with this, it can be noted that old people are more susceptible and prone to acquire chronic diseases. NZ health care system are normally funded by the government and having this trend, the working population decreases so the taxes that is normally use to fund the health care sector is also affected. Also, because of the government aggressiveness to promote healthy lifestyle, Kiwi 's life expectancy lengthen too ("Life Expectancy"). This only means that most of the old people live longer and the government are know obliged to support them. All in all, aging population will have a huge impact to the…show more content…
Say for example, tea drinking, tepid sponge bath and the like. To sum up, population in urban seeks more medical services than those in the rural. C. Gender Gender, in general can have a great impact to the overall health care sector. Several health issues can be noticeable into a specific sex. Male on the one hand, are known for having a lot bad habits to name a few, smoking, excessive drinking and the rest. All these can result to multiple diseases like cancer both liver and lung, cerebral vascular accident (stroke) that may lead to paralysis and many more. As a result, more male gender needed an appropriate health intervention. On the other hand, female though they acquired diseases too like what men have but the rate is much lower to them. Most of the lady seek medical attention only during their child bearing years. Let 's say prenatal examination as the most common example. A pregnant mother wanted to make sure that her baby is healthy and at the same time she herself too. This progresses after the child birth wherein their are into post postpartum consultation and neonatal or pediatric care. To conclude, both sexes really differ in many aspects of seeking help especially when it comes to health care sector. Question 5 A. Privacy, Confidentiality and Security 1.Privacy

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