Changing The Face Of Science

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English 1A
Professor Perales
August 5, 2014

Changing the Face of Science

Animal testing has been a controversial topic around the world for many decades. The scientific community has supported animal testing because in the past they have made great discoveries and it has also improved the quality of life and healthcare for people. However, these experiments have proven to be heinous at come at the expense of the animal’s life. Animal testing compromises an animal’s welfare in many ways. They live in horrible conditions throughout the experiments, they are put through unnecessary suffering and experiment results are not always accurate. These are some of the many reasons why animal experimentation is a process that should no longer take place in the United States. Animal testing is unethical and often unsuccessful; therefore it should be banned and replaced with alternatives that will be more effective. Animal experiments are primarily used for the betterment of human’s lives. Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, private and household product companies carry out these experiments. There are many pros to testing on animals. Animal research has represented a crucial role in practically every leading medical advance of the last century, for both human and animal health. Researchers and scientists both agree that animal systems provide valuable and irreplaceable knowledge about the human systems. They believe there are major similarities between the genetic and physiological systems
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