Chaos And Ophelia-Original Writing

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One by one they defeated their personal demons and strode forward to place themselves between Chaos and Ophelia. Only Ophelia, Belinda and Doyle still remained under the spell of the black thing.
Raphael said, “You are defeated, your power is nearly gone. Return to the chaos and trouble us no more.”
“You delude yourself, I am not from the chaos, I am Chaos, I am the formless void, the hidden one, the persuader, the puppet master. Brookman was one of my puppets, as was George Jefferies. It was I who whispered in the ears of the four brothers and brought about the destruction of Wanoah. Thaddeus Garth did as I bid, along with numerous others who control Earth. Python heeded me as well as the Sai and the beast you called the everhungry. If you
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If you let go of their hands and step back, I'll let you and your lover live.”
Riley was confused, she looked around wildly, she was about to bolt. Derek stepped up and put his hand on her shoulder.
Derek said, “Send him away Riley, he wouldn't ask you to step back if you had no power to use against him. You have to save Ophelia.”
Riley raised her arms still clenching the hands of the Gray Knight and Raphael. The thing that called itself Chaos began laughing again and reached out toward her. The black void spread outward toward them and threatened to engulf them. Riley gritted her teeth and a brilliant white light rose out of her hands. It pushed the blackness back and spread out around the shadow and pushed
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He grew smaller and smaller until only a man sized figure was left. The figure crumbled to the ground and the laughter continued. The blackness faded from the figure and a deformed lump of a man was all that was left. Then the laughter faded away and was replaced by ominous silence.
After Chaos was gone, Raphael expected Belinda, Ophelia and Doyle to immediately revive. He was dismayed when they did not.
Elmer and the others burst into the clearing five minutes later.
“Sorry we're late,” Elmer apologized. “We couldn't find you until Chaos faded away.”
Sato pushed over the lump of a man on the ground and saw Dr. Wright's deformed face staring back at him. He breathed in great gulps, like a fish out of water, one eye was a slit, the other was three times the size it should have been, his nose was twisted sideways. His body was a grotesque parody of a man, full of lumps and cavities and strange twists, his heart was partially out of his chest and beat with a strange unsteady rhythm.
“Killl meee Johnnnny.” Wright begged.
Sato pulled out his sword and stuck it in the exposed heart. He had to stab it several times before it finally stopped beating. When he was done, Sato walked a short distance, dropped his knees and retched into the
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