Chapter 1 Is One Of The Most Important Paragraphs In The

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Chapter 1 is one of the most important paragraphs in the story. It introduces the characters, setting, and the background. The setting is on the Western Front in Germany during the summer of 1916, World War 1. The characters introduced in chapter one are Tjaden, Müller, Paul, Katczinsky, Kropp, Leer, Westhus, Ginger, Kemmerich, Himmelstoss, Detering, Kantorek, and Behm. Tjaden, Müller, Leer, and Paul are all 19 years old and they all volunteered for the war. Tjaden is a skinny locksmith, but although he is skinny he eats the most. Albert Kropp was labeled the “clearest thinker”, he is a lance-corporal, and he eats the most (along with Tjaden). Müller is one of Paul’s friends and was most likely a nerd in school; he dreams of exams and …show more content…

When Kemmerich is in the doctor’s office, he needed to be seen by a doctor. Due to amputating five legs during that day, the doctor refused to see Kemmerich. This is important because it demonstrates that even doctors must “turn off” their feelings to deal with the hardships of war. Kemmerich has a pair of boots that are greatly coveted by Müller, and Müller ends up receiving the boots one Kemmerich is dead. During World War 1 on the western front, trench warfare was the most common war strategy. Trench warfare includes digging deep trenches in the ground to serve as protection from the opposing army. In these trenches, there were poor conditions such as mud, rats, and disease spread quickly. Due to the poor conditions of the trenches, Müller most likely wanted the boots to protect his feet. This may be an important symbol throughout the story.

Chapter 4 is full of imagery and personification. In this chapter, we learn that the Earth means more to a soldier than an average human. There is a repetition of the words she and her, and the Earth is referred to as a brother, friend, and a mother. Throughout this story there is lots of death because of the war, so it could be assumed that there would be talk of a higher power, but there is none. In this chapter, the Earth is spoken of so highly that the soldiers may be referring to the Earth as their higher power. The description of the Earth is also quite sexual. During this description, a battle is occurring and some

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