Chapter 10 Case 2

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Team-Based Incentives: Not Your Usual Office
Wilfredo Gonzalez
University of the Incarnate Word

Done-Deal Paper, Inc. operates throughout central Pennsylvania with offices in Scranton, Harrisburg, and Altoona. Providing paper and paper needs to most of Central Pennsylvania, Done-Deal is one of the top two competitors in the area. In January 2012 an office manager, Michael Carell, convinced the CEO, Jerry Zucker, to change incentives for sales representatives. There were 20 sales representatives placed into four teams of five. Carell believed this would increase cooperation and sales. Zucker believed that it would improve moral and synergy.
Individual teams pool their commissions. Sales commissions varied …show more content…

Good employee rewards and recognition programs provide employees with: A fair return for their efforts, motivation to maintain and improve their performance and clarification of what behaviors and outcomes the organization values. Guidelines for employee recognition and rewards programs that managers can use in their departments are: Specify employee rewards criteria, reward everyone who meets the criteria, individualize employee rewards, say thank you frequently, nurture

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