Chapter 2 Closing Case Essay

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Google’s Closing Case Questions

1. How does Google’s mission drive strategy at the company?
Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally acceptable and useful helped it develop a very useful search engine that we all use or have used on a regular basis. They run on the mantra “don’t be evil!” They came up with the saying in the hopes to always run the business with integrity. One aspect of this was the decision to not let outside companies’ interests bias where they rank. “Don’t be evil” is the cornerstone to the company’s ethics and it is the basis of every strategic decision. (Hill & Jones, 2012)
2. Is Google’s stance toward Internet search in China consistent with its mission?
Google’s stance
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They went completely against their principles when they started self-censorship. “Don’t be evil”, in my opinion, means exactly what it says. Don’t allow humans to over-govern other humans. By staying in a country with such intense human rights issues and censorship, they are saying they agree with it. They are contributing to China’s economy which benefits their government. The revenue from China is marginal and not worth giving up integrity. If they withdrew from China, it would send them a message that freedom of information should be standardized right of all humanity. Every one of us have opinions as to what is right and what is wrong to search on the internet but no government has the right to take the freedom to search and visit any website.
The only setback is taking such a useful tool from the citizens.
I feel like self-censorship is a right in our own homes. Like I said before, we all have our opinions as to what is right and what is wrong. Parents probably have a long list of websites and topics that they don’t want their kids to visit or view. But censorship should be inside the home or workplace. Parents should be able to monitor their kids’ activities on the internet and keep them from certain websites. At work, employers should be able to keep employees from engaging in certain activities on the internet to keep productivity high.
But a government should not have the right to censor what we view on the internet. There
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