Chapter 6 – Analyzing Business Markets

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Chapter 6 – Analyzing Business Markets True/False Questions 1. SAP is a German software company that helps businesses automate their finance and management systems. True (easy) pp. 101–102 2. Organizational buying is the decision-process by which organizations establish and satisfy their needs for goods and services. True (moderate) p. 102 3. Mining, manufacturing, banking, and distribution services are all considered part of the business market. True (easy) p. 102 4. Schools and prisons are considered institutional buying organizations and they tend to have captive clienteles and limited budgets. True (moderate) p. 102 5. Characteristics of business markets include that there are more buyers and larger buyers. False…show more content…
102 d. the practice of establishing of strategic partnerships between manufacturers and their suppliers e. the practice of buying a total solution for a problem from one seller 23. The __________ consists of all of the organizations that acquire goods and services used in the production of other products or services that are sold, rented, or supplied to other customers. a. business market (moderate) p. 102 b. institutional market c. consumer market d. government market e. specialized market 24. The institutional market is best described as having __________. a. low budgets and a captive clientele (moderate) p. 102 b. demand elasticity and geographically concentrated suppliers c. contract negotiations and fluctuating demand d. derived demand, geographically concentrated suppliers, and budgetary constraints e. demand that is elastic, derived, and fluctuating 25. All of the following are major industries making up the business market EXCEPT: a. agriculture, forestry, fisheries. b. manufacturing, mining. c. construction, transportation. d. banking, finance. e. governments, institutions. (moderate) pp. 102–104 26. Business buying behavior differs from consumer buying behavior in that __________. a. the buyers for the business market are typically more geographically dispersed than those for the consumer market and the demand for products and services in the consumer market is unaffected by price

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