Chapter 9-Japanese Woodblock Prints-Japan

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Chapter 9 -Japanese Woodblock Prints- Japan is one the oldest country and has been an isolated nation for a while until the united states navy expedition that made a deal after being force for trade with them. Which soon they adapt to westernize themselves to imperialism until after the second world war. Beside all that, they were very gift in creating arts that were very inspiring, woodblock. As it had begun in china when buddhist missionaries brought it them. It features illustrating image and text, even when it’s black and white. But it can have colors that artist made in separate block. take an example how they made it, from the image that feature figures in a gesture, with a few colors of black and white, but the clothes that have more colors (9.2).
They did also done painting that
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Hokusai knows such series of scene in different view of the same place at different time and season which it’s interesting to find these dimensions of reality in a painting. The most famous painting from Hokusai is the great wave (9.7) given well linear perspective and foreshortening, reflect influenced by the west. Giving the wave a naturalism movement and rhythmic power of swelling wave, even its flat, that gave it some effect. Hokusai the horsetail gatherer (9.8) is another great art piece from woodblock painting. Setting the atmosphere of stillness from the bird view. Putting a scene set for an emotion, where a man is looking for his child in the wood and mountain as the setting described it. from the setting of the scene, as looking at it, the moon is behind the tree from distant, as the light to the man way. Sharp contrast wave of the stream and the smooth clear as glass water which the duck is set on in peaceful. You can see there is a moment in this that hokusai made to tell a narrative in one scene, like others art piece from other artist had made from theirs (9.9)
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