Chapter Summary : ' The Hell '

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Chapter three ***Carson 's P.O.V*** ~♡~ It was raining when I walked into the school. It had been a while since I had last seen Oliver and I took that as a good thing, enjoying it while it would last. However, my time was over when I saw Oliver waiting for me, his back resting on my locker. I sighed and let out tired huff. "Oli, why are you here?" He growled. "Really, Car, you seriously don 't know why I 'm here?" I rolled my eyes and pushed him off my locker putting my bag in there and getting out my books for the day. "Look, if I knew what I 'd done, I 'd probably be hiding." He pushed me against a locker. "Jeremy told me that you told everyone that I kissed you!" I groaned, my back hurting. "What the hell, Oli? I didn 't say anything! Like I 'd even want you to kiss me!" This seemed to push him over the edge and he punched me, my nose cracking. Something caught my eye and I saw that Jeremy was in the corner, smirking and it all clicked in my mind. He had set all of this up. He wanted me to get hurt. Oliver pushed my head against the locker and I absolutely lost it. I was sick of being pushed around, by my dad, the assholes at school and the need to fill my father 's shoes. I pushed Oliver making him stumble backwards as we both moved. I kept throwing punches at him, anywhere I could reach, getting my anger out, as we walked back away from the locker room. Suddenly, I was pushed and Oliver and I toppled to the floor, our bodies colliding. I looked up to see most of
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