How To Write A Short Story: Jefferson Davis County School

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It was a cold early morning, me, Little man, Cassie, and Stacey were walking to Great Faith elementary school and every day the white kids of Jefferson Davis County school would always ride the bus and we had to walk. We had a history test and I had some cheatin notes and I pulled my cheatin notes out in front of Stacey and Stacey asked me “Do you plan on using those notes?” “Only if I have to,” I replied “Let me see those” said. I handed the notes to her and all of a sudden she ripped them up and threw them on the floor. “Hey what was that for?” I yelled “This way you won't get into no trouble.” she said “If failin’ ain't trouble, I don’t know what is” I mumbled under my breath. It was lunch and I really needed those notes so I went in the woods where nobody can see me… that …show more content…

I was so scared and timid I was just hiding in the corner. After I saw Stacey outside she started to run to the door without hesitation and he started to tackle me and started to throw punches. I didn’t want to fight but I had to. So I fought back, It hurt it felt like my eye is broken. But I kept on trying to tell him that I tried to help but I never got out the words. “Hey I just want to explain-” he punched me again. All I wanted to say was I was trying to help you during the test. But I never got the words out because we kept on fighting. Cassie and Little Man ran over and grabbed Stacey away from me but she was trying to break free at keep on attacking me but she couldn’t. Right when they went outside Mr. Morrison picked them up and left. I was just left there crying and eventually I started to stop crying and I got up and walked

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