Harney Rickson Character Traits

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Friendly, Intelligent, Adventurous, Outspoken.
Relatives of Bob, Charlotte,Sophia,Tom and Emmeline Grangerford and son of Col.Grangerford.
Lover of Adventure, Guns, and his Family.
Who feels as though, huck and himself are very similar, that the feud his family is involved in is unnecessary, and that he is very intelligent.
Who needs to make his family proud, to stay true to his religion and to have an adventure.
Who fears what the future will hold, losing Huck, and losing any more family members.
Who gives huck friendship, his heart to god and his life for a silly feud.
Who would like to see Harney Shepherdson dead, what an adventure really looks like, and where Huck will end up now.
Resident of the grangerford house and wherever people

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