Character Analysis Of Grey's Anatomy

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From grueling surgerys to intense romances Greys Anatomy offers it all. This five star television series focuses on the journey of doctors through there surgical residency. For 13 seasons Grey's Anatomy has followed Dr. Meredith Grey through the roller coaster ride that is a surgical residency. Along the way she has met people she will never forget and has dealt with enough trauma for a lifetime. There are also many other doctors this show follows including Derek Shepard, Christina Yang, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey, and Richard Webber. Whether a person is a romance fanatic or a thrill seeker this television show offers it all. Creator Shonda Rhimes keeps the viewers drawn in with constant drama that always keeps the viewers wondering what happens next. Grey's Anatomy has remained a number 1 rated television series based on the character development, the plots, and the actors interpretation of their roles.
Grey's Anatomy does a phenomenal job of showing how each of the characters progress not only in there surgical skills, but also in their personal lives. Each character is created so that everybody watching the television show falls in love with each of the actors and actresses. Viewers become invested in the relationships and the lives of each character. As the viewers watch they see each character change and grow. For example, Meredith Grey had always had commitment problems. That is until she met Derek Shepard. Of course, in the beginning and middle of the series

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