Character Analysis Of Jack Streicher

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For Jack Streicher, religion has always been a dominant force in his life. The eldest of three, raised in a traditional Catholic environment in Cincinnati, religion, family, and school have always been intertwined. He attended a Catholic high school and wanted to attend a Catholic college as well. Religion has been constant for him; he described moments where it was hard for him to have faith, but he never lost sight of the bigger picture and believes that God has a plan and will take care of us. He is deeply connected with religion as an ethical call to go beyond the self. Religion, from his point of view, is selfless. He hopes to used his religion to help others, which in turns helps him grow spiritually and develop a strong character. For some, religion is going to church and practicing the ceremony of worshiping with others. Jack, on the other hand, does not find meaning in the ceremony of religion, but the practice outside of the church. When describing his religion, he stated, “the order of mass does not do much for me, I find meaning in going out and making connections with others.” For him, practicing faith is going out of his way to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable, establishing his religion as a prominent aspect of his overall personality. Because Jack does not see the importance of the order of religion, he has no particular place of event attached to his religion; Jack’s religion is on a much more personal level. His religion is an inward force

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