Character Analysis Of Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey is a comedian and actor that has been in the business since about the age of fifteen. Although he suffers from bipolar disorder he still manages to be very successful in his career. I have choose to analyze Jim Carrey in the movie where he plays a character that has psychological problems and the obsession of a number. The movie 23. Through the paper I will refer to him as Walter sparrow as this is the charter that he is playing in the movie. However in this movie Walter is two characters. He as well goes by Fingerling. I use both characters and explain how they both can relate to Freud’s ideas. I will do one character at a time. I will be using multiply of frueds theories to express some of the behaviors and characteristics to his personality. Freud believes that we a driven by our instincts, aggression and sexual desires
In the beginning of the movie Walter is an ordinary man that seems to live a really ordinary good life. When it first starts off Walter is using his preconscious mind and explaining how he became a dog catcher. According to Freud the preconscious is what we can easily access at any given time. He goes in to detail off what lead him to his job. Later on he is confronted with a dog on the loose who gets away and who happen to bite him. This bothers him for days and it is constantly on his mind. He is now using his conscious mind which is allowing him to think about the dog. After a long day at work he still thinking of the evil dog. However
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