Character Analysis Of Miss Brill By Katherine Mansfield

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"Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield 1. Despite mention of passersby, Miss Brill is the focal point in this story. How does Mansfield develop her character? 1a. Mansfield relies on Miss Brills reactions to events that occur in the garden in order to develop the character of Miss Brill. In one instance, instead of just clearly stating that Miss Brill is an English teacher, Mansfield brings it up when Miss Brill has her realization that she may be in a play of some kind by saying "and it also explained why she had quite a queer, she feeling telling her English pupils how she spent her Sunday afternoons." 2. Is Miss Brill what she seems? Explain your answer. 2a. No, Miss Brill is not what she seems to truly be. Since throughout the majority of the story we are seeing things from Miss Brill's point of view, we are only being told what she sees and how she sees it. At one point, Miss Brill comments on how the people in the park were "odd, silent, nearly all old," which is a strange comment coming from her since she is also old, however we don't find that out until the end. The very fact that this detail about Miss Brill is not shared until the end by another character, is even further proof that she is not truly the type of person she claims to be through her point of view. 3. What is the significance of the minor characters to the story? 3a. As previously mentioned in the last two answers, the minor characters of this story both help describe Miss Brill through her

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