Character Analysis Of Tom Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

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Almost every novel is written with the intent to create a favorite character, or in other words, the hero. But this novel was a little different, there was no distinct favorite character. Everyone has their own opinions and can choose who and what they like. In The Grapes Of Wrath, no character shined as a moral or loveable character. Every single one had a clear and obvious flaws and imperfections. Because of these obvious problems with each character, the favorites were more spread out among the viewers. Some people like Mama for her toughness, love, kindness, and care for her family and others. Some liked Casy because of he was a preacher, smart, and recognized the problems with the government and their system. But the best to many was Tom Joad, because of his stubbornness, understanding, and care for his family. The first reason numerous people choose Tom to be their favorite character from The Grapes Of Wrath was because of his stubbornness. Tom wasn’t willing to give up his moral values for anyone. When anyone tried to question or be unfair to him, he wouldn't take it. He made sure to let everyone know what he thought and he was unwilling to accept unfair treatment. People liked this in him because it showed how strong willed he was. Nobody likes a push-over, so when viewers or readers saw that he would stand up and let everybody know how he felt and that nobody would stop him from getting what he wanted. This stubborn characteristic would also show how much he cared
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