Character Analysis Of Virginia Woolf's Man Vs. Society

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1. (Summary) Main Character(s) description. Who is the author (the main character)? Who is the opposing ‘character’?
(Response) What do you think of the main character? Why?
The main character in this essay would be Virginia Woolf and the opposing character would be the person she is interviewing with. Virginia is almost modest with her feelings towards her past and how she got to where she is. Not taking credit for the success she has. Virginia is head strong and defeats all odds and stereotypes that come her way.

2. (Summary) Conflict: Describe the conflict/problem the characters had (or that the author is sharing). Which type of conflict are they addressing? (Man vs. self, etc.)
This essay would relate to Man vs. Society. Showing that women have a harder time advancing and proving society wrong. With men, they have it easier due to there being an “roll” for women. That women belong in the kitchen and at home, not out pursing their dreams competing with men. She had doubts with “the angel in the house”, her inner self battling to overcome her subconscious brought on by generations before her. Virginia wanted to be understood and heard, not only by men but by other women. To get out and do what your heart tells you instead of playing rolls and listening to what you are expected to do.

3. (Summary) Resolution: How was their conflict resolved (if it was)? Or, how do they want you to help resolve it?
Virginia resolved her conflict by killing “the angel in the house”.

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