Character Analysis Of Wallace Playlot By Billy Lombardo

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In the short story, “Wallace Playlot” written by Billy Lombardo, a boy's realizations about human interaction in his life is shown. Lombardo uses characterization and point of view to establish that a person will never truly know another person’s character until they associate themselves with that person's personal feelings and thoughts. In every aspect of this story, there are always characters perceiving each other in certain ways. Petey is the narrator, and because of that, everything told to the reader about each character is filtered through his brain. Each boy’s parents don’t know as much as they able to about their sons. And every person watching the game of “Kenney catching 100 balls”, form their first impressions about each boy playing. When the boy's parents had finally come to watch their sons do what they had been passionate about for the whole summer of 1972, Petey feels this immense amount of joy because of how he thinks the parents might know him a bit more. Petey feels as if his parents ignore him and do not pay attention to his daily personal desires because they themselves are too busy focusing on their jobs and their personal desires. “And in 1972, in a place called Bridgeport, in a city called Chicago, this is how they loved us.”(Pg.60). This shows that Petey obviously thinks that his parents do not know them as well as they are able to. Petey uses the word, “Love” because his parents were paying attention to what he loved to do, and

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