Character Analysis Of William Shakespeare's 'The Kite Runner'

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1.Amir kite running with Hassan’s son, Sohrab at the end of the story is Hassan way of showing forgiveness to himself. Amir would not in any imagination fly a kite with anyone because of the tragedy that he witnessed when he was twelve years old. Amir saw Hassan get raped in an alley way because Hassan was retrieving the blue kite for Amir. He did not stop the rape, but instead ran away. He did feel guilt for the rape, but he wanted redemption. Years later, the image of a kite does not bring terrible memories of, but treasured memories of his childhood. Amir tells Sohrab, ‘’Watch, Sohrab. I’m going to show you one of your father’s favorite tricks, the old lift and dive.’’(Hosseini 369) The old life and dive tactic won him the kite running tournament and brings and smile to his face. When Amir asks Sohrab,’’ Do you want me to run that kite for you?’’(Hosseini 371) Sohrab replies with a nod and Amir goes off running. Then Amir replies to Sohrab,’’ ‘’For you, a thousand times over.’’(Hosseini 371)A familiar phrase told to Amir and to his Hassan son’s Sohrab. Amir runs away with the kite, but he is not running in fear. He runs with a new purpose in life. Amir runs the kite for Sohrab just like Hassan ran the kite for Amir years back. This is ironic because there a role reversal between Hassan and Amir. Hassan was a poor servant for Amir who could barely read. Hassan loved Amir and showed his loyalty and ran the kite for him. Now the roles has changed because

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