Character Analysis: The Boatwrights

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The Boatwrights in the novel are the family that Lily and Rosaleen have met in Tiburon, and who they are going to be staying with. There are 3 members of the Boatwrights and they are May, June and August, and they used to have a sister named, April but she passed away when she was very young. Lily and Rosaleen are in the town of Tiburon and they are trying to find any trace of Lily's, mother and where she could have been. In the novel Lily sees the exact same picture of a black Mary that her mother owned and it was on a honey jar. On page 63 it states "I found myself looking at a picture of the black Mary...I mean the identical, very same, exact one as my mother's." This is a key point in the story because it gives Lily and Rosaleen a clue …show more content…

June obviously doesn't approve of them, and is irritated that they are even there. On page 69 it says "I wished June with her whip would grin, too, but she only looked annoyed." This quote indicates that June wasn't too happy to see them and obviously doesn't like it when people come to her farm. Furthermore, on page 72, when August offers to let Lily and Rosaleen stay with them, June doesn't approve. On page 72 it says "The intake of June's breath nearly sucked the air from the room. 'But August.' " This suggests that June is protesting letting Lily and Rosaleen stay there. On the other hand, August is very different. August is the boss of the farm and is kind of a like a mother figure to the other sisters, and the leader of them. This is shown in the novel when Lily and Rosaleen are asking if they could stay there and August says yes while her sister June didn't want them to stay there. On page 72 it states "They'll stay here, she repeated in a way that let me know who the big sister was and who the little sister was." This quote indicates that August overrides her sisters' thoughts and it also shows that she is a kind person. In addition, May is crying a little later in the novel thinking about her sister's death when August returns. On page 73, August says " 'Oh, May honey, you go on out to the wall and finish your cry,' she said, pointing her to the door and giving her a nudge." This

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