Character Analysis: The Vietnam War

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Ha and Amela, lost a lot of their belongings that they cherished a lot because they were forced to leave their home because of war. An example of that would be, “Mother chooses 10 and Burn the rest.” It connects because they only had enough room to bring 10 and she burns the rest so that there is no proof of them leaving. (LAI 58) A girl named Amela once had everything and had lots of money and was able to go to other countrie. Then she lost all of it because of a war. An example would be, “Amela lost a lot and now they barely have nothing.”(Arthur Brice) Another girl named Ha, had to leave her home because war was coming closer and closer to her home so she had to leave and she could onnl pack a certain amount of things, “one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, three pairs of underwear, two shirts, sandals, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, ten palms of rice grains, three clumps of cooked rice, one choice.” (LAI 55) They could only pack so much because everything else was gone, or they didn’t have enough room to carry it. In conclusion, Amela and Ha lost most of what they had because of war. …show more content…

At least the moon remains unchanged.(LAI 89)” The moon looks the same from anywhere on earth at the same time so it reminds them of being back in Vietnam. “Amela said that It was great. We could go out at midnight and walk the streets freely and nothing would ever happen to anybody.”(Arthur Brice) They didn’t have to worry about being shot at and they feel safe and not scared of going out. “Ggggggooooooonnnnnngggggg rings out; “How soothing a real gong sounds said Ha.”(LAI 233) They rang the gong when they were back home and when they got to their new house they did it again because it was a part of their

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