Character Presentation in the Film, 'Philadelphia'

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Slide No. Title Content 1 Movie Character Presentation "Philadelphia" (1993) By Ron Nyswaner, directed by Jonathan Demme and starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington 2 Overview of Presentation This presentation provides an application of the functional health assessment of the character Andrew Beckett from the movie, "Philadelphia" using Gordon's functional assessment framework. The presentation presents the background of the movie and the character, followed by functional assessments of Beckett and additional observations based on the movie. 3 Background of Movie and Character The award-winning movie, "Philadelphia," is based on a real-life event concerning an AIDS victim, Andrew Beckett (played by Tom Hanks) who had been fired from his job as senior associate lawyer, purportedly for incompetence but because of visible lesions that are due to AIDS (Watney, 2000). Plaintiff Beckett wins his case but dies in the end from the ravages of his disease. 4 Functional Assessments Health Perception/Health Management: Courtroom testimony and Beckett's gaunt appearance (see Figure 1) are consistent with a diagnosis of advanced AIDS. Nutrition/Metabolic: The client appears emaciated but does not report substance abuse or tobacco use. Pattern of Elimination: Beckett reports episodes of gastrointestinal distress. 5 Figure 1 Picture of pallid Beckett 6 Assessment Continued Pattern of Activity/Exercise: The client enjoys the opera but does not actively exercise.
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