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Designing an Active Training Sales Program for Wellbridge Clubs Sales Staff
Dawnita Blackmon-Mosely
Tiaunna Connelly
Elizabeth Davis
Jesus Elias
Jaimi Faux
Michael Morris
Rodney Ulibarri
Webster University

The purpose of this project was to develop a training program for Wellbridge Clubs that focused on teaching sales staff to sell personal training (PT) packages to members, in order to increase Wellbridge sales. The training agenda was designed based on Silberman’s (2006) Active Training, in order to engage the participants in their learning process. The use of immediate learning exercises is intended to draw the participants into the process of guided note taking during the brain-friendly lectures. Through
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To ensure that the training is truly taught for its intended purpose requires conducting training needs analysis. defines a training needs analysis as an “assessment of the training requirements of a target group in terms of (1) number of trainees, (2) their educational and professional background, (3) their present level of competence, and (4) the desired behavior or skill level acquired at the completion of training” (Training needs analysis, 2014).
Wellbridge Analysis Given that our training had to be developed within eight weeks, our team referred to Silberman’s (2006) Advantages and Disadvantages of Nine Basic Needs Assessment Techniques in order to quickly gather information (pp. 32-34). Due to our time and cost restraints, we had to exclude several of the nine basic needs such as observation, questionnaires, and group discussion (Silberman, 2006). We conducted interviews and key consultations via teleconferences with the Wellbridge corporate office staff located in Denver, which included Steve Datte, Kelly Bartlett, and Amy Thompson. Additionally, we gathered data during lectures with Jerry Rose, our instructor, from October 21 through December 9, 2014, at Webster University. Mr. Rose is also a personal trainer for Wellbridge


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