Character Traits Of Odysseus From The Odyssey Essay

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Drew Smith

English 1 Honors- Third Period


18 November 2016

Character Traits of Odysseus from The Odyssey

When I say the name Odysseus, what traits come to mind? In The Odyssey by Homer, the epic hero Odysseus shows the reader what a hero should have been in the Greek culture at the time. A hero at the time typically showed great intelligence, skills in war, leadership, and planning, and they need to be a quick thinker incase things get out of hand. Odysseus showed all of the traits above, but had some other traits that stood out a little more. Those traits include strong physically or superhuman, arrogant, and bravery.
The first trait that comes to my mind when talking about Odysseus is superhuman.He is much stronger than the average human being which allows him to excel in anything physical. At the battle in Troy Odysseus showed his skills and knowledge of war when he sent the wooden horse into the walls of Troy. Odysseus showed his strength when the where at the land of the Lotus-Eaters when he dragged the three men who had tried the lotus to the ship with no problem, even though they were kicking and struggling the whole way. “I drove them, all three wailing, to the ships, tied them down under their rowing benches” Another time we saw the superhuman strength of Odysseus was at the cyclops home. He strapped all of his men on the bottom of sheep, but he had to hold on to the bottom of the sheep the whole entire night. “ I took the wooliest ram, the

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