Characterism In American Psycho By Bret Easton Ellis

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American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis was written in 1991. It is based around Patrick Bateman who works on Wall Street and lives a lavish lifestyle. Bateman appears to just be a regular rich, bachelor. If you look deeper Bateman has a dark side as a cruel serial killer. The common themes presented throughout the book are greed, obliviousness, and reality vs appearance. The author, Ellis presents the themes by depicting Bateman’s life as he goes out and lives two very different lives. Patrick Bateman and his high class friends enjoy to live an extravagant life. They often wear all designer clothes and live in expensive apartments; “I am wearing a mini-houndstooth-check wool suit with pleated trousers by Hugo Boss, a silk tie, also by Hugo Boss, a cotton broadcloth shirt by Joseph Abboud and shoes from Brooks Brothers” (Ellis 64). Even with all that Bateman owns, he continues to seek more and more; “I’m looking at Van Patten’s card and then at mine and cannot believe that Price actually likes Van Patten’s better” (Ellis 44). Bateman, who was having dinner with his friends, proudly displayed his new business card when he felt one-upped by Van Patten’s business card. This took a hit to Bateman’s pride and he felt like he needed a nicer card than the rest of his friends. His constant desire to have the best clothes, technology, and items shows how greedy he is. Throughout the novel many characters display the theme of obliviousness through ignoring Bateman’s confessions of

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