Characteristics Essential for Food Service Professionals

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Characteristics essential for food-service professionals Good understanding of the basics Knowledge of the skill helps one to take advantage of experience. Observing an expert chef at work helps one to understand what it entails to become one. One will observe the prerequisites of food-service industry. In the early days, it was unthinkable to try and invent a new dish, chefs are becoming more and more innovative nowadays. For the magnificent chefs, to attempt to invent a new dish means breaking new boundaries. This will still require the basic understanding of food preparations. Therefore, a solid grounding in the basic proficiencies and methods observed since time in memorial remain important ADDIN EN.CITE Gisslen200416(Gisslen, 2004)4334336Gisslen, W.Essentials of professional cookingv. 12004John Wiley9780471202028 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Gisslen, 2004 #16" Gisslen, 2004). Positive attitude toward the job Positive attitude helps one to not only work efficiently but also safely, quickly and neatly. Professionals in the food service industry have pride in the work they do. In order to maintain the sense of pride and be a skilled professional as well, one has to like what he/she does. This is attitude which should be positive. The attitude that does not compromise on being serious at work is required. In essence the enjoyment that comes from contentment of making everything run smoothly and thus doing the job well. It
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