Characteristics Of A Bureaucracy

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As society has grown over the years, people have continued to group themselves together in unique ways to accomplish certain goals. One of these formal groups, studied and named by Max Weber, is called a bureaucracy (Larkin, 2015). A bureaucracy is defined as “A type of formal organization, most often a governmental organization made up of nonelected members, the constituent parts of which are integrated to accomplish a specific goal, task, or production outcome in the most efficient manner” (Larkin, 2015). In American society, bureaucracies exist in countless forms and are found in almost every walk of life. As a student at Grand Canyon University, Associate Students of Grand Canyon University (ASGCU) is a formal bureaucracy that many students are familiar with on campus. ASGCU is the standing student government organization at GCU and meets the characteristics of a bureaucracy by having specialization, a hierarchical authority structure, emphasis on written rules and regulations to be followed, written communication, and an emphasis on credentials and technical competence.
The first characteristic of a bureaucracy is specialization and ASGCU fits this characteristic in several ways including clearly written job descriptions and the various teams that exist to accomplish specific goals. ASGCU is split into three branches: the legislative, administrative, and executive branch. Each branch is split into teams such as the public relations, the senate, marketing, internal
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